Opinion: Kenyan Television

think the most offensive people on the earth are the people who do not dare to dream. They don’t push the limits that have been set previously and that is why every year during track events and marathons which to be honest i don’t know why they are not call, “let’s watch them Kenyans win again,”  – athons.

Forgive my tasteless joke

But you do get the point. We as humans live to break barriers and achieve the unachievable, as of yet. Which brings me to my point, Kenyan television. If i could pick a word i would choose uncreative or maybe mediocre or maybe fugly but definitely, I would definitely call it settling for less.

Just like sleeping next to a snoring person we don’t do it because we want to but most likely we have to. I am all for local content, tribal movies, swahili series and series but my biggest problem is in the lack of depth in the stories. Poor direction and little to  0 passion in the arts. Learning how to differentiate theater acting from TV acting. No real desire to tell our stories better and different. To see what’s on the other side of mediocre and just plainly African. Which by the way can be as an insult by other races.

For that matter, Americans, Europeans and other production houses still refer to a whole continent as a country and think we all live under dictators in huts with lions as guard dogs and lunch that we most likely have to hunt and eat raw. In their opinion we have no right to complain because in the pool of ancient history, technology and knowledge our ancestors contributed to it very little while the rest was lost in time. We never passed it forward.
For our sakes, our stories, to earn our place in history we have to do better than telling mediocre tales of a guard who pretends to be a manager with a tribal accent a precedence for humour. We have to tell our stories the way we see it. Let us tell our stories because this is our African heritage and this is our pride


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  1. ranwanapali says:

    ray of sunshine was here… :p *she agrees*


    1. littleteevee says:

      haha good to know we are on the same team occasionally. My turn to holla at you on my blog

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