Review: The Boss

Director: Ben Falcone

Writers:Ben Falcone (screenplay), Steve Mallory | Melissa McCarthy

There are movies that i will dive in to tales and try to put in another story as i discuss the movie in a spoiler free way however. there are some movies that i will just get into it

Melissa McCarthy is a superb actor and quite frankly on of the funniest actors out there if not the funniest one. i would say the funniest female actor but then i would be sexist right? isn’t that how this whole sexist thing works?

The boss is simply another superb performance.She acts as a ruthless billionaire who looses all her wealth and tries to climb up the economic ladder through whatever means necessary. What ensues is a combination of Mellisa McCarthy and the most satisfying cuss off you will see from any movie. She is unapologetic like Rihanna’s album but funnier and i can’t seem to forget the trailer. the scene where she is shaving and …

just watch it. it is a good one and i thoroughly disagree with IMDb’s rating of 5.3. it is at least a 6.7 so go give it a watch.


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