Review: The Magicians


For this particular one,  i am speaking to all lovers of Harry Potter, Lord of the rings and all tales of magic and wonder. Hear ye! Hear ye! This is the mother of all messed up magical stories.This story shows the realities of Magic (if you believe in it) and boy it can be entertaining and scary.
Adapted from the book with the same title. It is the tale of Quentin Coldwater a social misfit who in a world of a million chances ends up at brake bills pedagogy a school where you learn how to do magic. the beauty of this story is that it doesn’t exactly follow the book allowing it to branch of i as many directions as it wants so if you have read the book. Relax, forget what you read and enjoy this version of the story.
In twisted fate this adventure leads him and his group of misguided friends on a journey that will definitely kill them should they loose. Unlike harry potter or even lord of the rings it is a crafty gruesome and a nasty tale that will leave you shouting what the fudge?!  What the fudge?! What the fudge?! after almost every episode.
Thirteen episodes long and 6 characters wide it will entertain you and shock you at the same time and is a must watch. Season 2 has been approved and will air in December but in the mean time enjoy this twisted story and savor the reality that is magic.

it IMDb rating is a 7.6 but for me it really felt like an 8.6


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