My need to tell

I love stories. i always have. Ever since i was a child my parents were the strict kind that didn’t really want us to mingle with the other children or to get spoilt by being too rebellious. that didn’t work out too good for them but the one thing i thank them for is that i got to watch a lot of stories. started with cartoons like snow white, the lion king and fieval goes west to obsessively reading harry potter books and dandy magazines. Back then stories that were packaged in video cassettes that my younger brother later found and asked me what it was for. Obviously replying it is a movie, he looked at it with the oddest of looks on his face and with an intense sense of curiosity and honesty he simply asked  “how?”

I remember watching series and movies keenly so when i went back to a high school that only allowed us to watch a movie once a week, i could tell that story with passion, clarity and the depth of movie theater which i always did. To my audience of those times i say thank you i have a debt to pay for this gift of story telling that was cultivated in me.

The best way to repay this debt that i owe to the fates and to my parents is through telling the stories that i find amazing and sharing them so that maybe we may enjoy, most likely have a laugh, cringe occasionally but most definitely change how we view things. Ladies and gents i give you Little TV.


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