Best of them all

I really don’t like time offs because i am somewhat a workaholic but these holidays have been very different. I took the time off to watch and watch and watch a lot of content. From big productions to oh so famous and the not so famous series and finally the creme of them all indie films.
I love stories and it is that passion for story telling that has driven the world to create over a billion dollar industry and every day people come up with new ways of story telling.
Now on to indie films. If you Google the phrase indie films it comes up with a description like productions that do films that people they want to do instead of for the main production studios.
A lot of the times you will meet mediocre stories and sometimes you find gems in the rough and my goodness these are the stories that you should pay attention to. They are emotional they are indepth and designed to drive a particular them home and once you find a good director with a fairly good cast then that is a recipe for a great story.
Beyond the graphic tales and the unrealistic martial arts, once in a while you need to fill your soul with something and that something can be found in indie films.
As i struggled to watch those tear jerking emotionally driven stories i could only hate to imagine watching them with a girl because at that point either one of you is crying or both of you are and by goodness man it had better not be you.
I have a new found respect for indie films and for that i hope more people take more time to appreciate the story more than the graphic showmanship of movies.


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