Opinion: Africa, a story of the poor

Aaaaahhhhh hey everyone let us all get a little racist. I have been meaning to do a piece on movies that have strong Africans even the half ones, the half american and half African ones.

Disclaimer: the use of ‘We’  has been used to refer to the imaginary colony of beautiful black people who support my views.

I ask only one thing of film directors, if you are going to make a movie about slavery in this day and age i would pretty much hope you had better not actually. I am not saying that we should feel bad for being colonized and enslaved by you know, everyone else. I am just saying we can do more in movies than just act like slaves or act racially discriminated.
So yeah enough about the sad poor African. That’s what the rest of the world wants to see. Where are all the smart ass movies about the African conman who sold a fake airport for 235 million euros, where are the John Kiriamiti’s of Africa?
We actually have a lot of content maybe even reality shows eg our own version of cribs with our politicians… See their houses and compare to ours. You know see where all our taxes go to.
The Survivor series could be shot at a local high school, life there is almost as bad
Or maybe the apprentice for all the internships people do.
London has fallen?  No stress Nakuru aka Naxvegas (i hope i got it right) fell along time a go.
The need to re invent the wheel isn’t even there copy paste and tweak a little. All stories are the same right? Well maybe except Game of Thrones.
Am just saying,  as much as i like watching Jesse Owens win 3 medals at the Berlin Olympics under Hitler, or Mohammed Ali, Mike tyson or any other black character out there kicking ass on screen. We have much more to offer than just the story of the poor.


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