Review: Race

Director: Stephen Hopkins

For some strange unknown reason my love for this continent and for my people grows more by the day. It took a minute to get rid of all the white washing that has been done to me through western films but Africa right now is making me feel some typa way but on to reason why your here,  reviews.

Race is quite frankly one of those movies that it is about time it was made. It is the story of Jesse Owens, the black american who won 3 gold medals during the 1936 Berlin Olympics. That time the world was known to have a little problem with racism. You know? Colonization, black segregation and oh of course the Jewish Genocide. Is it a little illuminati if i say that the first world war started 3 years after that? Am seeing a pattern of 3… 3… 3. Half of 666? No?

But seriously how awesome is it to watch a movie about sticking it to Hitler, in his own back yard… 3 times, and he had to take it like a man and let’s be honest his definition of manly and ours would probably be a worlds different.

The movie obviously lacks in suspense but what it makes up for is the absolute feeling of watching a black man be awesomely unstoppable. If you like african themed movies with a hint of oppression *ahhhehhemm cliché* but a whole lot of winning then it is the movie for you.
Well acted, realistic stages, enough eye candy for both the sexes and a teasing Hitler who has you wondering how he sees with his hat on his eyes. It is a fantastic watch with a serious thumbs up


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