Review: Veve

Director: Simon Mukali

Just recently after my late night fifa exploits i happened to tune in to television and hint hint its not exactly local so dont think local channels and don’t think HBO. This kenyan film caught my eye and i had to sit down and watch it.
One of the first lesson we are taught in production classes is that the camera was not made for dark skin tones and by golly the actors were African and i loved it. Perhaps with age i continue to grow in the belief that Black is beauty and Kiswahili in whatever form be it sheng(slang)  or the proper one it is absolutely gorgeous.
The movie tackles obvious themes such as corrupt and greedy politicians,  coping with loss and learning how to stand up for what you believe in. The cuts were too quick and you had to pay really good attention to the story otherwise in 30 seconds you would be lost.
A man seeking revenge against a corrupt politician for the murder of his father gets caught up in the life of a politician as the web of mysteries and suspense continues to grow. Good actors, a good script coupled with amazing scenery as the movie showcases the beautiful land of Meru and Miraa can only lead to a good movie.
For upcoming productions i would advise it as a must watch because
it allows us to learn one thing, WE ARE NOT BADLY OFF!
Our stories are getting better and the production team, cast and crew deserve a watch for their efforts.


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