Review: Game of Thrones


Author: R.R Martin

Creators: David Benioff, D.B. Weiss

Actors:  Peter Dinklage, Lena Headey, Kit Harington, Emilia Clarke, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Iain Glen, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, John Bradley, Alfie Allen

I had to wait until I was in a bad mood to really write about game of thrones objectively because of my obsession with this series. Of course just as J.K Rowling is to Harry potter, R.R Martin is the author and creator of game of thrones. In the world of books being turned in to successful movies or series i think none surpass Harry Potter and Game of thrones, officially given god like stature in the history of fictional fantasy books. I think once you get to that level then phrases from your story can be immortalized for example ‘the boy who lived,’ ‘he who must not be named.’ In this case ‘Winter is coming’ and it comes with its own hashtag too

Getty images: The Stark family is one of the royal bloodlines of westeros

The story describes the 7 kingdoms of Westeros and the various characters, they are so many such that you will only follow their story when the creators let you. If you haven’t watched it I bet you are wondering why are ‘game of thrones’ fans so obsessed with it? Why is it so good? It could be the sex (both gay and straight) violence and the nudity? Maybe the little hint and taste of incest? Zombies perhaps? Overzealous religious fanatics? Could be the various actors who are absolute eye candy. Maybe it is the power displayed by bankers even in their world. It might be the extreme variations of affections that we have for the different characters for example comparing the hatred we had for King Joffrey and the love we have for the Khaleesi the mother of dragons or Jon Snow the man who rose from the dead. Oh come on Jon Snow coming back to life is not a spoiler I mean her was in the season 6 trailers and posters. Common sense if you ask me. Definitely it has to be the suspense, I mean no one in game of thrones is safe from death not even he/she who makes you feel all mushy and gooey inside.

From the book worms who read the book before the series even started to the ones like me who didn’t even know the book existed and are now obsessed with the series, we all love R.R Martin’s twisted head. It will mislead you, it will shock you, people will die, brother and sister will shag and power will be obtained in the quest to know who will win the game of thrones.

I don’t like following what people do or their likes in terms of movies and series but on this one I have to go with the masses. With world class acting, costumes, beautiful locations, great Computer generated graphics (CGI) and a budget of over 50 Million dollars per season, Game of thrones is an absolute delight and thrill to watch.

Its IMDb rating is an outstanding 9.5/10 which is well deserved.


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  1. Bruno Mike says:

    Sam, this is not really a review. You’ve barely highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of the show.


    1. littleteevee says:

      Bruno, the purpose of the blog is to give light reviews preparing the audience for what to expect hence the sex and the violence references. please remember it is a light review that should not give any spoilers even for those who haven’t started watching season 1, but i will try and incorporate more detail in the reviews


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