The Originals

There are so many vampire movies and series out there, from the shiny and glowing vampires, vampire hunters and half breeds to the many renditions and covers of the mythical Dracula.
Our desire to obtain immortality, to be stronger and faster is so high that we will come up with anything and everything to that effort.
I would to like tell twilight fans to stop right here because i  have nothing to offer you. Kindly take some glitter and move to the next article.
My favourite vampire movies have to be the underworld series. The last two were a bit ish ish but the first one was pure genius. In series’ despite having so many of them i have a clear and stated bias to the originals.
These two productions pay homage to basic vampire rules.
1. The older the vampire the stronger they are
2. They cannot be shiny
3. Vampires are all but almost devoid of emotions,  caring only for basic needs. their survival and the survival of their packs/family
4. Hybrids will always be stronger

I looooove the originals. A sub branch of Vampire Diaries which was a bit too ‘the bold and the beautiful’  for me with the whole love conquers all crap, so anyway to a much better vampire series. I have a soft spot for this particular series. The one thing that mankind struggles to find through time, immortality with the people you had no choice in sharing your life with, your family.
Imagine how much drama your family has in such a short period of time that you have known them. Now imagine that stretched through several centuries.
This is the story of a 1000 year old vampire family, the first of them all, the Michealsons. A family of siblings who swore to protect each other ‘always and forever.’  with the forever bit actually meaning forever.  They struggle to find the dynamics for healthy relationships with each other and others as they also try to fend off century old grudges and prophecies of doom and death for their family. Largely following main characters Klaus Michealson, Elijah Michealson and Rebecca Michealson in their struggle to to survive a world that is trying to devour them.
The story is told in the modern day, maintaining its classical look, feel and style of age old vampires. The main storyline containing less romance or sparkling vampires as compared to its vampire movie counter parts.
Now in its third season and renewed to have a fourth season. I cannot wait to watch it. Good action, a hint romance, betrayal, vampires, werewolves, witchcraft and above all very well crafted monologues and dialogues. I absolutely love this story.
The reality that we are all afraid of death and would go to extreme lengths to stop, delay or avoid it given the chance even after 1000 years, they are still afraid of death.
Seriously underrated, its IMDb rating is 8.4 but i can live with that rating.


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