Anime: Big 3

I have been an avid anime fan since 2009 a fact that i pride myself in because till date i have watched well over 4500 episodes of anime. That should make you wonder what does anime have that keeps people going back to them.
The answer is simple
Some Asians stereotypes are being modest and somewhat shy but when it comes to Anime not even the west can compete with their imagination.
Without further ado i will introduce the top/Big 3 anime of all time in my books


Naruto franchise was my very first anime to watch with over 600 episodes and about half of them are fillers it easily tops my list. Named after the lead character it is an action comedy supernatural flick that sees a ‘less than averagely’ smart lead character try and save his friend Sasuke from himself. It brags of many twists, turns, an extremely wide array of super powered monsters with all sorts of abilities, this means more action for the action lovers. With several movies under its belt and an author who won’t quit milking this cow, Naruto will be around for a while even after its main storyline coming to a conclusion

One piece, aaaaaaahhhhh yes Mugiwara no Luffy!!! Just like Naruto, this story has a foolhardy main character, who dreams of conquering the oceans of the world and obtaining one piece, a legendary treasure hidden by the previous king of Pirates to be obtained only by his successor. The story starts of veeery slow and it took me several tries to get me in to it but when i did, it became a quick favourite. Just like Naruto, it has a wide array of powers to contend with brought about by use of will called Haki and/or eating a Devils fruit which gives one mystical abilities. Unlike Naruto it has less fillers but it has an introduction that takes up 1/4 of every episode loosing valuable plot development time. Definitely top 2 Anime of all time and a must watch for any anime fan.

maxresdefault (1)

Bleach is more like the prodigal son who is really bad ass but no one seems to pay attention to him anymore. It is the Hades of the top 3 anime making Naruto and One piece Zeus and Poseidon, not necessarily in that order. Many might contend whether it deserves to be on top 3 but this really isn’t a debate, it is in the top 3. Kurosaki Ichigo is a high schooler who is forced to be a Shinigami ‘Soul Reaper’ in order to save his family from a spiritual entity called a hollow. It has some of the most bad ass sword fights of all time. Of course it is a game rigged in favour of Ichigo but the journey is worth the watch. Blockbuster action coupled with all sorts of monsters for men this action flick is very good with just about 366 episodes produced. The downside of bleach is that the series has no connection whatsoever with its title name, the author tite kubo has dragged out the story for 3 years making its fans wait and hope to see its return on screen which is not even a guarantee. Nevertheless Bleach is a legend and should be treated as such. The manga continues and hopefully its almost done so we can truly know for sure if there will be an Anime comeback.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. eph_moragz says:

    I think Hunter X Hunter beats bleach (and even Naruto) by a mile though


    1. littleteevee says:

      Hunter X Hunter is really good, but saying that its better than Naruto is a stretch. those three have always been known as the big three because of the many episodes, the time they ran on air and they have been top selling both in anime and manga. Hunter X Hunter is yet to enter that league.


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