Review: Arrow

Actors: Willa Holland, Stephen Amell, David Ramsey, Paul Blackthorne, Emily Bett Rickards, Katie Cassidy,  Echo Kellum, Neil McDonough

Arrow, this is what happens when you are a super rich playboy who got stuck on a death dealing trip that got you trapped in a death dealing island for 5 years. When he comes back to his home, despite being broken physically,  emotionally and spiritually he comes back with the noble idea of cleaning up the overly corrupt and dangerous city. As was his father’s dying wish.
Famous for one liners like, “YOU HAVE FAILED THIS CITY!” and “it’s not your fault.” It is a trip through science and the supernatural and a lot of comic book characters. The birth story of the comic book hero we know as the Green Arrow. You know,the hero we largely ignore but when he is there we celebrate him and cheer for him, because you know?  Arrows.
Arrows will always be cool. Even when we have all types of guns that you can use.
Now to be fair the series got a little too tiresome for me to watch continuously so i watch it in phases of binge watching. Yeah it’s one of those. It is a good series filled with a hero who is driven by a god complex, a lot of technology, supernatural abilities such as raising the dead and telekinesis and most importantly Felicity Smoak who is the cutest nerd i have seen in a while. I mean when you’re talking nerds she nails it, she nails it to the wall damn it.
Yeah i know girls are watching it for its variety of eye candy too. Yeah we men know it. We just ignore because… Felicity Smoak
Probably one of the most successful DC series that regularly interacts with the Flash’s own Central city, it is a good plan b to all your favourite series.
Its IMDb rating is 8.2 which is pretty impressive almost guaranteeing a fourth season which was confirmed


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