Review: X-Men Apocalypse

Director: Brian singer

Actors: James McAvoy,  Michael Fassbender,  Jennifer Lawrence,  Nicholas Hoult,  Oscar Isaac,  Rose Byrne, Evan Peters, Josh Helman, Sophie Turner

Aahhhh the number one movie in box office right now being threatened by Ninja turtles. I don’t know whether to be insulted or to be insulted. The trailer was good and it had us fired up just waiting for it to be released and well here we are.
First, i would like to point out that this movie is technically ruled by women, Sansa Stark from Game of thrones hashtag Winter is coming and Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger games movies. Second, it contains blasphemous statements which might be an insult to all Elohim based religions by stating that people thought the main villain named Apocalypse thought him to be Elohim. They even show Jesus carrying the cross on the opening montage of the movie. Which is pretty uncomfortable and uncalled for in my book. If Apocalypse was all powerful then why did he seem to rely on his ‘four horsemen’ too much? so many holes in the story.

Of course Hugh Jackman is in the movie, the ageless representation of X-Men and a very powerful driving force of the franchise. In the movie they managed to cast younger versions of of all our favorite characters from storm, mystique, magneto and even Professor X but not wolverine. No no no  they had to use Hugh Jackman one last time before they attempt to replace him in the role. Milking that cow a bit too much maybe? A question, since Wolverine met Jean Grey while she was still very young practically a teenager and he is a really old man physically and mentally, doesn’t that give wolverine a pedophilia type of a vibe? Hugh Hefner? No?

I love the X-Men franchise, i have been obsessed with it since i was a kid and this new addition to the family is actually pretty decent. With a few references and back stories to the past of the X-Men characters and villains that we already know of, love and love. You will get to see how the infamous X-Men team got formed.
Costumes? Of course we have costumes but the take away of the movie is that quick silver is too cool should really teach Barry Allen how to enjoy his powers.

While it is not the best X-Men movie out there, it is worth the watch. IMDb rating of 7.5


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  1. Nice crisp review. Although Hugh Jackman being cast is a non-issue. Wolverine doesnt age and even when they used younger actors, Wolverine wouldn’t still retain the vibrance of his youth. He still looks the same in 1945 as depicted in Wolverine 2 when he saves the Japanese soldier from the firestorm of the atomic bomb.
    Plus wolverine has been a core-member of the Xmen its hard to imagine an Xmen story without him, or professor X, or storm or Jean Grey


  2. Bruno Mike says:

    Sam, this movie is viewed by commentators as one that has many flaws you did not include in your breakdown.


    1. littleteevee says:

      Bruno if i actually get in to the characters and the flaws then i would be giving spoilers to a movie that is still in cinema. so then it has to be an overview


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