Anime: One Punch Man

I know, i know. A little bit cliché but come on how could i not write about the anime superman? Goku? What is a goku?
Before i even read the manga (comic book) i had my reservations as to the plotline which goes as follows. After training hard to be a superhero, 100 situps, 100 pushups and 100 side jumps everyday for 3 years. He became so strong he lost all his hair and he now beats all his opponents with one punch. Not interested? Hold up. 
Saitama the main character and one punch man looks nothing like a superhero, in fact he looks like a joke with a bald head and a terrible costume. He is broke and loves shopping cheap using coupons, however he is the baddest one i have seen so far. It broke out to be 2015’s anime of the year with only just 12 episodes. People have even made fan art of him fighting against superman and goku (I hate goku)  and he wins effortlessly. 
One punch man quickly rose to the god level status of animes like Naruto and One Piece and it deserves it. Short, sweet and a season 2 in the works it helped us forget Shingeki no Kyojin is yet to grace our screens


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