Anime: Hunter X Hunter

Creator: Yoshihiro Togashi


Just below the big 3 anime are animes like Hunter X Hunter that would have a following as  big as the  big 3 anime if they continued making the anime episodes …. Good am done complaining.
Generally i don’t like kids being main characters because it limits the story in ways. For example, its weird seeing a kid make out with another kid… Why?  Because they are kids it feels wrong to watch them cuss or even being bullied or watching them go mad with power because they haven’t learnt how to control their own abilities yet. Innocence is a real in them, but an exception was made for this Anime.
Gon Freecs is a young boy in search of his father who is a hunter by profession. Hunter Association is an group of people who have unique abilities and they use them to do all kinds of jobs, research, investigations etc. To join the hunters association you have to  go through a rigorous process that doesn’t even guarantee you safety. His father abandoned him when he was a child and Gon seeks him so he could meet him.

During the Hunter exams that allow people to join the Hunter Association Gon met Killua, a young but strong assassin who takes a liking to Gon, they become an unlikely pair of friends who look out for each other. Together they make friends and the journey begins to find Gon’s father.

If you are an Anime fan then you must have watched and seen Naruto’s Chakra or Bleach’s reiatsu or even One Piece’s Haki, basically spiritual energy. Well this anime has its own form of chakra called Nen which presents the users with several types of abilities. From paedophile looking villains, insect looking antagonists and a super old Strong leader. It is a recipe for good entertainment and i promise you if you like the big 3 anime you will love Hunter X Hunter.

with a staggering rating of 9.0 on IMDb nothing more is needed to convince you to watch this story.


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  1. eph_moragz says:

    Don’t forget an amazing soundtrack and compelling villanis, and you have yet another studio MadHouse Masterpiece.


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