Review: The 100

Actors: Bob Morley, Devon Bostick, Isaiah Washington,  Eliza Taylor,  Paige Turco,  Lindsey Morgan

The 100 is one of those series i honestly did not expect that it would go beyond the first season. Well… Here we are three seasons later and i am quite frankly waiting for fourth season.
The story begins when Clarke the main character is banished from a safe haven in space that was used to save humanity from all the nuclear crap we spilled on this beautiful earth. Yes sir i am Pro Earth!!
Together with 99 other ‘delinquent’ teenagers, they are sent to a world thought to be too radioactive to survive in, and survive they do. Against nature, natural enemies and even craftier ones in this world of kill or be killed.
I really expected a soft story that would soften the blow of a death punishment. The true story of survival. Boy oh boy was i wrong. The creators if this series are nothing but sadists, killing off characters like swatting flies with a newspaper and they enjoy it. In the fight for survival some die, others adapt, some betray loyalties in order to live another day, but for this series they prefer it if teenagers make life or death decisions. Giving their adolescent minds opportunities to kill, maim and even torture, essentially breaking those characters mentally physically and even spiritually forging very different characters compared to when the series started. All in the name of surviving.
People die in this series. A lot of people die. It is a messed up version of Lost where they don’t go soft on you just because you had some bad luck.
So the main question is, is this series worth the watch? The acting is far from substandard, while the story drags out a bit I must admit it feels good watching the reality of humanity. That we all would do vile and ghastly unforgivable sins in order to preserve our own lives and those we care about. Its one of those series you have for backup just in case your main stash is not available.
It’s IMDb rating is 7.8 which i think is pretty fair for its genre


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