Anime: Kuroko No Basuke


Actors:  Kenshô Ono,  Yuki Ono,  Kishou Taniyama

Aleexxxx!!!! I owe my friend alex for convincing me to watch this. I do remember his words were, “just watch one episode of it, if you don’t like it then don’t continue.” He was right. That Anime is awesome

A team of legendary basketball players just entered highschool the next stage of their athletic careers. They were the strongest and the best unbeated and unmatched. While each player was a genius at the role they play at the court they had a special substitute player named Kuroko whose sole ability was the fact that he was too weak to stand out in the court allowing him to make insane passes and steals, the down side is that is all he could do in the court.

The story follows him through his current team Seirin, a team of hardworkers and one player who was at the level of the generation of miracles in terms of player ability. This is their fight to be the best against naturally born geniuses as they grow with every game in every competition. It is the Naruto/One piece/Hunter x hunter of basketball. The game is beautiful.

It is exhilarating and each season will have you seated on the edge of your seat as you watch them duke it out on the court. Quite frankly it is the only sports anime i have watched and it shot into my top ten anime list. Yes very few ladies and very many gents Kuroko no Basuke is Awesome with an IMDb rating of 8.4.

it is definitely one of my most recommended anime.


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