Review: Lucifer

Creator: Tom Kapinos

Directed by Len Wiseman.

Actors: Tom Ellis, Lauren German, Kevin Alejandro, D.B. Woodside.Lesley-Ann Brandt

Aahhh i know what your thinking and yes you’re right this one is for the ladies. I highly doubt dudes like me had much fun watching Lucifer say “tell me your deepest darkest desires.”  With that weird smirk he had on his face.
I will give this to the series, Lucifer is as charming to women as can a Lucifer should be. Cocky, good looking, charming and probably most likely and am poking in the dark here. I might be wrong in quoting Ariana Grande but he should make,  “her feel like a dangerous woman.”
Back to Lucifer. Of course even before even the series began some Christians were clamoring for its cancellation for promoting immorality and praise of the devil in Hollywood. This obviously made it even more popular.
Lucifer morning star, Prince of darkness is tired of hell. Punishing people for an eternity is not a burden he wants to bear anymore so he escapes to earth with his body guard Mazikeen to open a bar and lead a life of debauchery and fun, lots of fun. The plan is working until he meets a detective who is not susceptible to his charms. His curiosity is peaked and that leads to his desire to want to help her solve crimes. More like an excuse to hang out with her. Lucifers angelic brother Amenadiel wanrs lucifer to go back to hell as the order of things should be providing the other source of conflict.
The biggest criticism i have of the series is that Lucifer is tamer than he should be in the real mythological life, less powerful than he is and he has unknowing this desire to be almost human. This would be the premise of the series. Lucifer in Los Angeles having a good time trying not to be the devil.

for the guys its not all bad, if you have game you get to watch the king of hell do his thing on earth and if you don’t you can watch Mazikeen who is bad, really bad. Bad enough to make good boys go dumb and bad, maybe enough to make an angel fall.
With a season done and a season 2 confirmed but yet to give its release date. i am sort of waiting to see what happens next in his story. its IMDb rating is 8.4 and i want to guess it is the women who voted.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. pollehamina says:

    I am so looking for Lucifer.
    This is a really enticing piece. : -)


    1. littleTV says:

      Haha thank you, you can request articles too


  2. nofucksgivenblog says:

    Love and will always love lucifer! ❤


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