Review: SouthPaw

Director: Antoine Fuqua

Writer: Kurt Sutter

Who doesn’t like boxing movies? If you don’t then you are missing out on a whole lot of punching bleeding and raw spirit that has won us wars and victory. From the great training tracks of Rocky Balboa to watching Will Smith play as the great Ali to watching Mike Tyson take a bite off of an opponent in the…..
Back to Jake Gyllenhaal acting as a title winning champion who looses his wife who essentially managed him to a stupid brawl. He looses everything, his career, his daughter and his home. He no has to work to regain  all that he has lost training underTick wills played by Kilo mate and one of my favourite actors Forest Whitaker.

The entire film is plausible given that the main actor was the best fighter and now he is working to become the best again. So he has potential. At first i didn’t think that Jake would pull the character off but he did and best of all was…..  Performance as…. daughter. You can tell that jake Gyllenhaal did a lot of training so he can be perfect for the role and he shows it off on screen.

it really tries to hide its predictability throwing one or two scenes away from the expected result so for that i would applaud the cast and crew of this movie. The movie is just about  2 hours and 5 min long and despite its slight predictability it is a very good film with an imdb rating of 7.5 which means it is not the best boxing story but it is worth the watch. plus the movie will answer the question “why the name southpaw?” for all you non boxers which was worth the trouble.

SouthPaw trailer


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