The brothers Grimsby

Brothers Grimsby
Actors: Sacha Baron Cohen,  Rebel Wilson, Freddie Crowder, Jon Jon Lockwood, Penélope Cruz,

This is not a normal entertainment blog. Largely because i also include my thoughts and the emotions that were evoked during an episode or a film.
The Brothers Grimsby is a Comedy Action flick about a brother who has been searching for his long lost younger Brother.They lived very separate lives, the elder is crazy football fanatic who has well over 4 children, a crazy plus sized girlfriend and lives in the very small town of Grimsby. Grimsby is not your average town, it is even less. They are all football fanatics, very easily let their children even make out in front of them with jokes about smoking cigarettes and crack. I mean this in the best way possible, they are adorably dumb and honest. The younger one after being adopted became a super spy working for the British MI5.
From the moment they meet the comedy starts, it has slap me hard humour and you will laugh. I have not seen so many Dick references and jokes in a movie in a while,with scenes that will make you go “What the fudge!!!”
One is a klutz while the other is super smart… Well…. Somewhat smart. Their dynamics are undeniably hilarious being ying and yang to each other.

This movie is not afraid to go stupid, ballsy and even ‘jack ass-,y’ just to make you laugh. I have to warn you though its jokes are very sexual in nature and at some point it will even remind you of two girls cup… Curiosity peaked? Haha if you didn’t know about two girls One cup, well now you do. Don’t thank me later.
If your not bothered by such jokes then just promise me one thing. Don’t eat or drink while watching this movie now for that do thank me later.
It is 1 hour 23 minutes long with an IMDb rating of 6.3 which i think i a little bit too harsh. In my book it is at least a 7.6/10


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