Review: The Young Messiah (2016)

DirectorCyrus Nowrasteh

ActorAdam Greaves-Neal, Sean Bean, David Bradley, Lee Boardman, Jonathan Bailey, and David Burke

This one i have to admit is not for everyone but for the spiritual and the believers in the christian faith. if not then it is a good story to watch

We have seen so many Jesus movies ever since we were children. Being the forbearer of the Christian religion his story is one of the most told stories in all of time. The passion of the christ, Jesus of Nazareth just to mention a few are some of the many jesus movies out there today.

The young messiah seeks shed some light of Jesus’ background which is rarely done in films. We have seen the different angles to his story but rarely do we see his parent Mary and Joseph, given one of the most important tasks in the history of the 2.2 billion Christians out there in the world. Their responsibility was to raise Jesus until such a time when he will be ready to be the messiah. When the story is told we don’t think about the journey the parents made in order to save Jesus, or the scorn that Mary went through for having a child out of wedlock when betrothed, worse of all to believe in a dream that you are chosen to bear that burden.

We rarely think about the amount of stress they went to, their powerlessness when it comes to raising the savior of mankind, i mean no pressure right?  Except from the philistines who want to kill your child, the rare opportunity to raise the child of life’s creator, the all powerful God and the need to be a parent. To protect your child and raise them well. Except he wasn’t a normal child now was he?
IMDb rating is 5.2 but i do know for a fact religious movies rarely get high rating so this is not so bad. Apart from the white washing of characters and the language then for evry one of faith it is worth the time to sit and watch it


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