Review: Shuga


Actors:Ikubese Emmanuel IfeanyiDavid OmwangeAntony MwangiNick MutumaBrenda WairimuLupita Nyong’o

I’ll be honest and say that I actually watched shuga only last year after an lecturer made it an assignment. In journalism class we classified it under developmental journalism. Stories that benefit society because they promote change of behaviour. after the first few episode i couldn’t stop myself for asking for more episodes and before i knew it i was done with 3 seasons of it.

Shuga was a masterpiece in Kenya, with my only criticism was that the director used short cuts in the story telling making scenes very short so you could easily miss a scene without even knowing it and sometimes those were the scene that really counted..

It revolves around several characters in and around Nairobi but the gist of the story is that they are young, they fall in love, they make mistakes and they overcome these mistakes. you see them in clubs, at their homes, family issues and obviously living dangerously on edge. All the things that the young people go through are effectively captured in this story making it a hit.

I mean I have never seen a series sell condoms as much as the show did. It is a walking condom commercial but it was for a Kenya that did  not like using them, because they believed in one another even though they constantly betrayed each other. Hence spread of Aids.

They did the campus scenes in USIU Africa which i wouldn’t mind saying that it was absolutely beautiful. It is a Kenyan story beautifully told for the benefit of society. Picked by the channel MTV and sponsored by several organizations including the Kenyan government, it played world wide re enforcing the fact that it was a great series. Of course when it went to Nigeria it flopped I couldn’t even watch it anymore because the story became lack lustre.

If you haven’t watched it make sure you do, it is a Kenyan story told without americanizing us, without really telling a story of the poor and suffering. I loved it.
It’s IMDb rating is 6.9/10  which is pretty low considering the amount of talent and efforts made in to making the productions. None the less it is good series, short, sweet and entertaining


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