Review: Already tomorrow in Hong Kong (2015)

Director: Emily Ting

Actors: Brian Greenberg,  Jamie Chung

Half way through the film all I could think of was how could I not write about this film.

What would you do if you love the person your with, but twice in your life you have accidentally met this amazing person who for the short time that they are there, you can think of nothing and no one else. For the short time that, that person comes into contact with your life they change it in ways you couldn’t explain. You are in love with that person yet you are in love with the one you are with.

It’s an indie film about a Josh a white guy living in Hong Kong who meets an Asian American girl Ruby who is lost in Hong Kong. There is clear and intense attraction between the two of them but the timing is absolutely off. The strain keeps you entertained with the ‘will they won’t they? ‘ Aura in the air, changing shape and color with the different lights of Hong Kong.

The whole film is done on the streets of Hong Kong, as he takes her her round to experience the beautiful but populated city of Hong Kong. I am not sure this is the kind of film that can be classified as a traditionally romantic because of its premise but it’s a well told urban story.

It is a movie that might not be ideal for couples to watch but I would recommend it to anyone who is seriously thinking about settling down.

It’s IMDb rating is 6.6 of course being an indie film then this rating to me is pretty okay. totally worth more but we can take that from the internet.


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