Review: Preacher

Producer: Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg

Director: Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg

Actors: Ruth Negga, Dominic Cooper

When preacher premiered it started with a buzz albeit a very quiet one. the only thing that i knew about it is the fact that it was a comic book adaptation. With that first sentence despite being a  big comic book and manga fan i have never read preacher and i was curious to see whether it would follow its comic book story line or it would curve its own path from the story and have its own adaptation of the story. Well so far it has been … entertaining.

Preacher is based on a comic book by DC Vertigo which puts DC up by one more series entry in to the market, it is the story of Jesse Custer played by Dominic Cooper, a man of a hidden and dark past who changes and  becomes a preacher for the local town of Annville in Texas. The series has very interesting characters with the beautiful Ruth Negga acting as Tulip O’hare who in the series also seems to have had a shady past with Jesse but they don’t really disclose that much information. she is daring, strong-willed and quite frankly a delight to watch on camera as she is a strong woman in a mans world.

The story develops slowly but it uses very interesting story telling techniques such as long dark shots of people and delayed introduction of characters, by that I mean they will show you images of person without showing you the face only to reveal it after a minute or so when your curiosity has peaked. i will be honest, four episodes in and i am anxious to see what happens next. From the really pretty and beautiful Tulip to the drunk, drug abusing vampire named Cassidy and a main character who seems to fluctuate between being really good and really really bad i am curious to see where the story heads.

it is however not for the impatient lot or people who don’t appreciate the beauty that is in comics. Have a watch and tell me what you think.

Its IMDb rating so far is amazing an 8.6/10 which goes to show that more people are loving it than I even thought they would.


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