The Get Down

This has quickly rose to be one of my favorite drama series this season.

It is set in the 1970’s, a time when the minority communities in the United States were fighting against a number of things such as poverty, drugs, corruption and the need to conform. Zeke is a passionate writer with a fear of speaking out and above all a teenager in love with the local pastors daughter Mylene. Her ambition however,  is to sing music professionally and for that, she wants to leave the Bronx in search of a better life. This inspires Zeke to go on his own journey, revolutionize the music industry through word and DJ’ing and yes you get to see why it was so hard back then unlike our many many laptop DJ’s.


It’s depiction of famous and pioneers in its music industry makes this series even more appealing as they, through escape seek and unwittingly develop new sounds capturing and creating their dreams. Meaning that lovers of hip hop will love and savor this series. Its richness in history, its honesty and its imagination will entertain you.

You have your non typical gangster drug dealer and pimp, you local corrupt politician, your over zealous pastor, a boy in love, a man chasing his dreams, a girl seeking freedom, fame and fortune in a man’s world and side kicks among many various characters. That is a recipe for good drama.

Rated M for mature audiences because of it context, language and violence it is not a series to watch with young ones or you know, parents. Its IMDb rating is 8.6


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