Great Grand Masti 2016


Director: Indra Kumar

Writers: Tushar Hiranandani (story), Akash Kaushik(screenplay)

There couldn’t be a movie with a more clear moral message,however it is not easy to make people watch these stories especially with the millennials. This is where humour comes in. Having fun while learning.

Three sexually frustrated husbands plan a trip of debauchery and release while selling an ancestral mansion belonging to one of them. at home for some reason or the other the dry spell is stuck on to their miserable exisence. The Great grand Masti begins when they go to the tiny village to find some release with some of the village girls.  However,  it turns out the only available girl in the village is a horny ghost haunting the mansion that they intend to sell. The horny ghost wants to copulate with one of them and transcend with them into the next world which to them it means that one of them will probably  die while pleasing a ghost.

I will let that last sentence sink in.

The film is loaded with jim Carrey type of humour from slaps to playing the piano with eeerrr male appendages.

I will let that sink in too.

The laughter keeps on coming with an unpredictably predictable conclusion to the story. I have seen such weird things in this movie that i have to share this review with you.  Its IMDb rating is a low 3.7 understandably because this type of humour is not for everyone.


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