Ki and Ka (Indian) 

I have said before but I think that it is of utmost importance that I say it again. Indian movies are very interesting.  This is one of those movies that I have been putting off for a while now, but I am glad that I finally watched it and you should too.That is if you don’t mind the subtitles, dancing, long periods, stretched arcs and cartoonish humour.

Ki is an ambitious woman whose desire to climb the corporate ladder is her main driving force. She is determined to be the woman who shall not conform to the “typical” fate of most women which is home making. Ka is well educated man born of a wealthy father whose empire is established and all it needs is for Kabir to step up and take the helm. Ka on the other and has other plans which are to stay home, relax and take care of all house hold chores. They are polar opposites and a perfect match. The woman who does not want to quit her career for housework and the man who wants to be a house husband. The movie is about their journey navigating through the sea of marriage but on reverse compasses.

The story delays the introduction of conflict into the story but its unique outlook on how we typically view life earns it a pass for that one. The movie explores all the possibilities that come with gender role switches especially in a typical heterosexual relationship.

For the guys this movie  would be weird, slightly uncomfortable but it is a new perspective that I urge all men who support their women to watch. For the women this would be an interesting watch for all the career girls.

Its IMDb rating is 5.8 and little TV rating is 7.8


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