Assasination Classroom (Anime) 


imagine if one day an alien decides to wipe the whole of humanity. That you can do because there are so many apocalyptic stories about negative encounters with aliens nothing really seems out of reach anymore.

well for this story is differs slightly from your normal alien invasion. A yellow blob of an alien destroys half the moon and declares it will destroy the earth in a years time. However it gives the world a chance to save itself by choosing to lecture a failing class of students how to assassinate it. That is the premise of this story that sees a class of students being burdened by the responsibility of assassinating a nearly impossible to catch or kill opponent all the while being normal students and keeping up appearances in front of their fellow students. The students and the quirky nudes loving alien make a good combination of student teacher relationship all the while each pushing for their own conflicting agenda

A definite must watch for all anime lovers with an IMDb rating of 6.4


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