Boku da ga inai machi (Anime)

Satoru Fujinuma is a struggling Mangaka artist who does part time pizza deliveries for a living. He has this unusual ability that he calls revival, where  he is sent back in time between 1 – 5 minutes just before an accident happens. he manages to somehow get by daily until one day when he suffers a major trauma and his ability takes him further in time than he ever expected.

Bearing suppressed memories of a scarred past, he suffers another traumatic experience that send him back 15 years in to the past. Given the chance to stop a serial kidnapper and murderer who began his homicidal tirades in the same shared Distant past.

It is a thrilling suspense anime with slight predictability but an addictive storyline. Despite the fact that it was rushed, episode after episode will have you binge watching trying to solve the mystery if your not half screaming at the main character.

Its IMDb rating is 8.8


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